Why You Should Take Your Dog to a Pro Groomer

The Shaggy Dog: Why Dog Grooming is Important

Mud. Rain. Starting to get a little stinky. These are a few reasons you might think your dog needs a bath or some grooming TLC. But, dog grooming is so much more than that. It can include nail trimming, regular brushing, hair cuts, dental care, and more. However, if dogs already give themselves natural baths and practice their own grooming techniques, why would you want to groom them too?

Even though dogs do some grooming, they may need a little help from their owners. Different breeds of dogs may have different kinds of grooming needs. Plus, dogs can use some extra help in the grooming department to keep their skin and coat clean. It also helps owners and groomers keep an eye out for any health and skin issues.

We’ll take a look at what dog grooming might include and how you can choose the perfect dog grooming place for you and your fur baby.

Looking Fetching: What Does Dog Grooming Include?

Dog grooming can cover a lot of different things. It generally includes:

  • Bathing
  • Coat / Hair Brushing
  • Coat / Hair Cuts (or removal)
  • Nail Trimming

Some other less common dog grooming options can include things like dog massage, but for this article we’ll look at the more traditional services. The ASPCA has a great article on Dog Grooming Tips for even more information about dog grooming.

Dog grooming can take place at home or at a dog grooming facility. This means, that a dog’s owner can choose to take care of their dog’s grooming needs in the comfort of their own home. And, owners should do some of the basics at home on a daily basis.

Dogs can definitely benefit from daily brushing of their coat from their owners. Not only will you groom your dog, but it’s also a great bonding experience. Of course, if you do choose to do any kind of grooming at home, be sure to have the proper type of grooming tools on hand, like good brushes and nail trimmers.

And as much as dog grooming at home can be beneficial, most dog owners choose to use a service to help them out, in addition to the basic at home grooming.

A “Paw”some Grooming Experience: What Do Grooming Services Offer?

Going to see a groomer can be really helpful for dogs with certain kinds of hair types. Dogs with longer hair or who are more active should be groomed more frequently. Those with shorter hair or who are less active, will require less regular grooming.

It’s not just about hair type or activity level, dog grooming can be helpful for keeping all types of dogs clean and healthy. Not only can groomers do a basic bath and haircut, but they also do nail trimming and more. For example, PetSmart offers a basic service that includes a bath, shampoo, and blow dry, 15 minutes of brushing, any necessary dematting and haircut, nail trim, ear cleaning, nail trimming. Plus, you can add other options like flea treatment and even aromatherapy. This means your dog can be clean and pampered too.

What do grooming services cost? It can vary a lot. But, basic services typically cost around $30-$150 depending on the types of grooming needed for your dog.

Best in Show: Choosing a Grooming Service

Not sure where to start looking for a professional dog grooming service? It can be a bit hard to decide. There are not requirements for groomers to be certified, though many of them do look for certification through a few organizations like the National Groomer Association of Canada So, how do you choose the best groomer for your dog? What should you look for in a groomer? Or a grooming facility? These are just a few questions you’ll want to ask yourself when you’re looking for a dog groomer.

When looking for a dog groomer or dog grooming service, you’ll want to consider the following:

  • Certifications and Training: Does the dog groomer or grooming service have any certifications or training? If so, do they have them displayed at their facility?
  • Experience: Have they been grooming dogs for a long time; or, are they new to the grooming world? Depending on your dog’s grooming needs and your comfort level, you may want to see how long the groomer or grooming service has been in practice.
  • Facilities: Is the facility clean and well-lit? If there are cages present, are they in a variety of sizes for different sizes of dogs? Are cats and dogs in a shared space or separate area? These are just a few things to look at when checking out a new dog grooming facility.
  • Reputation: Have you heard good things about the groomer or grooming services from friends and family? What are their reviews online? Are they known for being knowledgeable and caring? Are they good at handling pets gently? Doing a bit of research online can be really helpful before you choose a groomer.

Still not sure what to look for in a grooming services? The Humane Society of the United States has some excellent tips on what to look for and questions to ask your potential dog groomer. If you’re looking for a dog grooming service affiliated with dog grooming associations, you can find a list of groomer locations on the National Dog Groomers Association of Canada site. Be sure to still do some research online, even if a groomer is a part of an association.

The Pampered Pooch

Dog grooming services are not only practical, but they can be something special for your fur baby. Though most grooming services offer the basics, you can also find luxury dog spas and grooming services that go above and beyond a traditional dog grooming service. No matter what kind of service or groomer you use, you’ll be happy knowing that your dog is clean and healthy.